Vathes offers a comprehensive and transparent data management solution for science labs and multi-lab collaborations, spanning the entire life cycle of data from project planning, to acquisition and processing, to distributed computation and publishing.

Vathes was founded in 2016, to provide support for and build data hosting service based on DataJoint enabling distributed teams of scientists to work with the same data transparently and efficiently.

DataJoint is an open source framework for building data pipelines in MATLAB, Python, and other scientific programming environments.

With DataJoint, science labs may build and share powerful data pipelines with efficient investment of time and resources.

DataJoint solves common data challenges and allows labs to focus on what they do best.

Vathes provides consulting services to science labs to configure their data processing pipelines, develop custom interfaces, and publish data.

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Dimitri Yatsenko, PhD


Edgar Y. Walker

Vice President, Engineering

Camila Lopez

Project Manager

Jake Reimer, PhD

Application Specialist

Andreas Tolias, PhD

Scientific and Business Consultant

Maho Sasaki

Front-end Web Developer

Chris Turner

Product Engineer

Shan Shen, PhD

Data Scientist

Thinh Nguyen, PhD

Data Scientist


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Vathes LLC has launched a project in collaboration with Karel Svoboda’s Lab at the Janelia Research Campus of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to showcase DataJoint pipelines for their recent publications. Each pipeline will have the ability to export data into the Neuroscience Without Borders 2.0 format. The project will be completed in the fall of 2019 and its home page will be